Intestinal Formula Colon Cleanser

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Promotes better digestion and elimination

  • Gently promotes healthy bowel movements

  • Rids the body of toxins

  • Improved elimination

Nature’s Ingredients
Curacao Aloe leaf, Cape Aloe leaf, Senna leaf and pods, Cascara Sagrada bark, Barberry Root bark, Ginger root, Garlic bulb, Habanero

The American diet, filled with processed foods, processed grains, and scant of high fiber fruits and vegetables, has created an abundance of sluggish toxic bowel problems. In order to regain health, restoring the bowel is imperative. Intestinal Formula Colon Cleanser is powerfully formulated to use the benefits of nature to cleanse and detoxify the bowel.

How to Make this Formula Work Even Better:
Refrain from eating inflammatory foods like processed grains (anything with flour, like bread, pasta, and crackers), and sugar. Add high fiber fruits, vegetables, and greens to your daily meals.

90 capsules/500 mg