About Herb'n Essences

Our Mission – Health and Healing

For herbal remedies to work, they must first be potent and strong. Most of the herbal tonics on the market today are weak and diluted, containing only 10-20% herbs. Herb’n Essences formulas are made in small batches that are jammed to the top with as much herb, flower and/or root that will fit in the jar.

All Herb’n Essences tonics and formulas contain only herbs that are certified to be organic, wild harvested, or cultivated without chemicals. When using herbs to restore health or detoxify the body, it is critical that they are free from chemicals, pesticides and other sprayed pollutants that are frequently used in modern farming.

We pride ourselves on using only the finest quality certified herbs from American owned herbal distributors. Herbal manufacturing is truly a labor of love for our family, and that love is put in every bottle. We have been transforming the lives of our own family members and the lives of our patients for years. The results continue to amaze even us. From feeling better in hours instead of days to improving function in the most difficult cases, we know our formulas work!

There are hundreds of individual herbal extracts on the market of varying quality and potency. Which combination of herbs do you need? Good question. At Herb’n Essences we keep it simple for you. Most of our products are a unique blend of herbs formulated for a specific purpose. We have organized them by collection to help you find what you need. We have done the research and we have clinically witnessed the effectiveness of each product. Now, we are excited to share these amazing gifts of nature with all of you.

Herb'n Essences Team

From left to right: Dr. Joe Paz, Dr. Jackie Paz-Schimmel, Dr. Lou Schimmel