Herb n' Essences

Health - Our Greatest Wealth

Dear Herb ‘n Essences customers and supporters,
Seven years ago, we were introduced to an amazing line of herbal tinctures and an extraordinary group of passionate natural health practitioners from Minnesota.  Since then, our patients in the northeast area have relied on the consistent and powerful results of the entire Herb ‘n Essences line. 
We know that Bonnie LaBuda’s formulations and preparations work!  Every day, the little purple bottles leave our office and help bring our patients from a state of dis–ease to a state of ease in a very short period of time.  Patients often use the word “magical” when describing the results.  Love, quality and quantity are the secret to the recipes.  Only organic and wild crafted herbs are used in the preparations.  That means no chemicals or pesticides are found in the formulas.    Also, many store bought tinctures contain only 10–20% herb. Herb ‘n Essences pack their jars to the top with herbs. By not skimping on the raw materials, we are able to maximize the amount of active, healing properties in each bottle. If herbal formulas are weak and diluted, they do not work.  Finally, love above all things, heals.  Herb ‘n Essences was first and foremost a labor of love for Bonnie LaBuda and that energy is found in each and every bottle.
We knew that we could not continue to provide the same level of excellence in health care without the Herb ’n Essences line.  We are excited beyond words to carry on the tradition of bringing you and your family quality herbal products made with love and that work.  As the new owners of Herb ‘n Essences, we are dedicated to serving you and your loved one’s natural health care needs.
Yours in health,

Dr. Jackie Paz–Schimmel
Dr. Joe Paz
Dr. Lou Schimmel